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Ellen Fallows

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Ellen Fallows

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Dr Fallows is a GP with experience in treatment and reversal of long-term conditions through supported lifestyle change. She has a post-graduate diploma in obesity and weight management, is board certified in Lifestyle Medicine and has a certificate in human nutrition. She works with the Type-2 Diabetes Remission Programme (NHS LCD Pilot) in Birmingham and has set-up group clinics to support patients with lifestyle changes.

As Vice-President of The British Society of Lifestyle Medicine she has set-up their Learning Academy; writing “Lifestyle Medicine: A Foundation Course” and collaborated on the Microbiome Science Course.

Championing healthcare policy that supports people to live healthy lives, she has worked with NHS England, the RCGP and Department of Health and Social Care on issues around person-centred care and weight management. She teaches lifestyle medicine at Oxford University and GP training and trainer events.