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Peter Brambleby

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Peter Brambleby

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Dr Peter Brambleby had 10 years’ experience as an NHS Director of Public Health in three different areas, and several more years in interim DPH roles in five different local authorities.  One of his main interests was in health economics, and he was instrumental in developing “programme budgeting” in the NHS which evolved into “Right Care”.  He wrote the health economics chapter for the Oxford Handbook of Public Health Practice.  He retired from the NHS in 2012 to pursue wider interests, and now owns and manages 25 acres of woodland in North Yorkshire, while still doing some public health consultancy.  With his wife Michelle, a teacher, he is developing the woodland as a “natural health service” and now argues passionately that we need nature, and nature needs us, for wellbeing in its fullest sense.  In his talk he will argue, with illustrations and evidence, that the NHS and Local Authorities should draw more on social capital and the natural environment if they are to adapt to the new world of innovation and integration.