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Professor Robert Tulloh was a Consultant Cardiologist at University Hospitals Bristol and the Bristol heart Institute until 2021, and Professor of Congenital Cardiology at Bristol Medical School, University of Bristol. He graduated in Medicine from Oxford University, obtained Completed Certificate in Training (CCST) in Paediatrics, and CCST in Paediatric Cardiology. His training locations included Dartmouth Medical School, Johns Hopkins Hospital and undertook his thesis as a British Heart Foundation Research Fellow at the Institute of Child Health, London.

He is involved actively in research: to develop new methods of assessing and treating pulmonary hypertension in children and adults with congenital heart disease: Kawasaki disease and also Viruses in Congenital heart disease. He was a key author in the major trials on RSV prophylaxis in congenital heart disease and the UK study on Kawasaki disease. He has been Director of Medical Education and has written 44 book chapters, has more than 292 published items and has given over 220 presentations at international meetings.

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