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list closure
Pulse’s newest investigation revealed new data on the number of practices applying to close their patient list – a last throw of the dice before handing back their contract. As part of this series, Eliza Parr explores why practices might take the formal route and what impact it has Practices who have taken the step

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GP Connect is to add a functionality for pharmacists to automatically update medical records, without additional action from the patient’s GP. The new functionality has been confirmed as the specification for the Pharmacy First scheme was published last week. As it stands, the opt-in scheme will allow community pharmacies to consult and prescribe for seven

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HIV opt-out testing
Millions more will undergo ‘opt out’ testing for HIV and other blood-borne viruses over the next year after a rollout of a national programme to more emergency departments in England. It is hoped the £20m programme, which will extend testing to 46 emergency departments across the country, will identify a ‘significant proportion’ of the estimated

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Expert Speakers

Dr Anne Connolly
GPSI gynaecology, Bevan Healthcare Bradford and RCGP women’s health clinical champion
Miss Emma Rickard
respiratory nurse consultant, Liverpool Heart & Chest Hospital
Dr Harriet Bradley
Medical Director, Livi
Dr Garrett McGovern
Medical Director & GP Specialising in Addiction Medicine