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Ameena Pradhan

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Ameena Pradhan

Job Title Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Lead Nurse Urology, London Northwest Healthcare NHS trust

Originating from India, Ameena embarked on her journey in healthcare 2003 by obtaining her nursing degree, followed by master’s in advanced clinical Practice at University of West London, UK. Her current role involves spearheading the 2ww rapid pathway for suspected urological cancer.

Her current role as a leader and ACP, includes performing nurse led diagnostics such as LA trans perineal prostate biopsies, cystoscopies and urodynamics studies. In addition, she also runs nurse led functional clinics such as nurse led flexible cystoscopy and administration of Botox injections under local anaesthesia and sacral neuromodulation.  She also oversees procedures including bladder instillations, trial without catheters, and the teaching of intermittent self-catheterization.

Her clinical interest lies at the intersection of prostate cancer, functional urology, and research, where she continuously strives to push the boundaries of excellence.

Ameena has presented at national and international conferences and she has had articles published in numerous journals.