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Andreas Goebel

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Andreas Goebel

Job Title Professor of Pain Medicine and Honorary Consultant in Pain Medicine, University of Liverpool and Walton Centre NHS Foundation Trust

Andreas Goebel works as Consultant in Pain Medicine at the Liverpool/UK Walton Centre in 2007, the largest UK pain Management Centre, and Senior Lecturer (2018) and since 2023 Chair of Pain Medicine at the University of Liverpool.

Andreas’ first proposed that ‘unexplained’ chronic pains may be caused by non-destructive, non-inflammatory, ‘functional’ IgG autoantibodies, and suggested to use passive transfer experimental approaches to investigate this. His recent research outcomes in Fibromyalgia Syndrome have been voted a 2021 Guardian Top 10 Science Story. He has chaired the Royal College of Physicians Guidelines on CRPS (2018) and FMS (2022).