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Angelika Razzaque

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Angelika Razzaque

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Angelika joined the PCDS executive committee in 2013 and has been elected chair since July 2018, following in the footsteps of Stephen Kownacki.

Angelika’s interest in dermatology goes back to medical school training. Having graduated in Germany having a full semester of lectures and practical sessions during her training and a three-month posting in the dermatology department during her final year. This interest has never left, even after coming to the UK to complete her postgraduate qualification as a GP.

Angelika is a salaried GP in South East London, completed the Cardiff diploma in 2009. Her main interest lies in medical dermatology but she is also a great advocate of using a dermatoscope not only in lesion recognition management. She has joined Kings College Hospital in London as a Speciality Doctor in Dermatology in 2018 working in the 2ww clinic. Since the summer she is running a community dermatology clinic for her local Primary Care Network.

Angelika has lectured on behalf of the PCDS for Essential Dermatology as well as locally for GP’s and GP registrars on the VTS.  ‘This is where I see our future: continuing to provide education by working together with our colleagues from the BAD and the RCGP’.