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Bernard Khoo

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Name Dr

Bernard Khoo

Job Title Senior Clinical Lecturer in Endocrinology, UCL

Dr Khoo originally trained in the University of Cambridge and obtained a Ph.D. in Zoology as part of the M.B. PhD. Programme. He then obtained his specialist accreditation in Endocrinology and Diabetes at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, during which time he was appointed Wellcome Trust Advanced Fellow from 2003-2006. Since 2009, he has been appointed as Senior Clinical Lecturer in Endocrinology at UCL Medical School. His particular specialist interests are in neuroendocrinology and neuroendocrine tumours, as well as genetic endocrine disorders. He is the endocrinologist for the ENETS Centre of Excellence Royal Free Neuroendocrine Tumour Multidisciplinary Team. @bernardkhoo