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David Shackles

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Name Dr

David Shackles

Job Title Immediate Past Chair of Scottish Council

Dr David Shackles is Immediate Past Chair of RCGP Scottish Council and had previously been RCGP Scotland’s Executive Officer for Interface and Out of Hours. He is a practising GP partner in Perth, where he has worked for 26 years. David has been involved in GP training since 1996 and still enjoys his role as a trainer. He has worked for NHS Education for Scotland as an Associate Advisor, helping to design and develop educational courses and resources. David has a long involvement with RCGP, being an active member of East Scotland Faculty, representing them at UK Council. Currently chairing the RCGP led Cross-College Interface Group which brings together the interface leads from across the Royal Medical Colleges in Scotland, David also represents RCGP Scotland on the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges and Faculties in Scotland.