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Kapil Chawla

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Name Dr

Kapil Chawla

Job Title GP, Integrative/Functional Medicine Consultant

Dr Kapil Chawla has0 been offering an exceptional, accessible, comprehensive, confidential private GP service to his clients for the last 12 years in Northwest London. As an eager learner, he is committed to keeping up with the advances in the medical field and actively applies relevant new concepts to his practice, not just for symptom control but also on addressing the root cause.

He completed GP training in the UK (MRCGP), Australia (FRACGP) and India (MD-Internal Medicine) before working as a private GP. He undertook 4 years of extensive training in lifestyle medicine and whole person approach in preventing and treating chronic health conditions and becameĀ one of the select few in the world, IFM Certified Practitioner from the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM), USA.

He is passionate about improving the general physical and mental wellbeing of his patients, with emphasis on prevention and timely diagnosis of disease where possible.