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Lorna Patterson

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Name Dr

Lorna Patterson

Job Title GPwER in general dermatology and skin lesion management, Ayrshire

Lorna is an accredited GPwER in general dermatology and skin lesion management. She works part time as a salaried GP, and as a specialty doctor in a weekly general dermatology clinic and a monthly vulval  clinic in Ayrshire.

Lorna is an enthusiastic teacher of  dermatology to GPs, registrars and other members of the primary care team both locally and nationally, as an individual, and as a member of the executive committee of the Primary Care Dermatology Society whose mission is to promote dermatology education for the whole primary care team.

Lorna enjoys being in and on the water as a slightly fair weather cold water swimmer and paddle boarder, and walking with her dog on the Ayrshire coast where she lives.