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Madhavi Vindlacheruvu

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Name Dr

Madhavi Vindlacheruvu

Job Title Consultant orthogeriatrician, Addenbrooke’s hospital, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr Madhavi Vindlacheruvu graduated and trained in general medicine and geriatric medicine in Cambridge.  She was appointed as the first consultant ortho-geriatrician in Addenbrookes hospital, Cambridge in 2006. She is the clinical lead for ortho-geriatrics and has developed the service over the last 17 years. Her clinical work involves optimisation of patients aged 60 and older with fragility fractures prior to emergency surgery, medication reviews, assessment and modification of risk factors for falls and osteoporosis. She is actively involved in teaching and training of doctors, nurses and other professions allied to medicine. The holistic and person-centred approach of geriatric medicine allows her to understand the complexity of older patients and the fact that there is no ‘typical’ patient. She is the Trust lead for the National Hip Fracture Database and Fracture Liaison Service and is passionate about improving bone health in all patients through education, lifestyle changes and pharmacological treatment. @MadhaviV19