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Sanjay Suman

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Sanjay Suman

Job Title Consultant

Sanjay has special interest frailty, sarcopenia, malnutrition falls and syncope in the older individuals. As a subject matter expert, Sanjay has delivered a number of keynote lectures on frailty, sarcopenia, malnutrition, polypharmacy reduction and falls in elderly at national and international conferences. He is passionate about improving the reversible components of frailty, such as nutritional status and polypharmacy reduction, contributing to improving clinical outcomes for frail individuals, both in primary and secondary care.

In his Clinical Director role he has established a number of bespoke frailty focussed assessment pathways such as acute frailty unit, emergency access pathway for acute frailty, falls and syncope clinic for elderly. In the community, he has supported development of a number of services such as care home support services, geriatricians led MDT meetings in the community to name a few. He has been a recipient of Academic Health Sciences Network (Kent, Sussex and Surrey) Leadership and Innovation award for Excellence in Out of Hospital Care category 2017.