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Sudip Ghosh

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Sudip Ghosh

Job Title Deputy Medical Director & Consultant Physician, Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

Sudip Ghosh is a Consultant Physician at LPT and a practising GP working in Leicestershire. He has held senior leadership positions within CHS at  LPT for the last seven years. He is also a Professor of Medicine and Education at the Leicester School of Allied Health Sciences, UK. His research passion is within Chronic Disease service development with digital transformation and to date he has authored over 80 research and conference publications. Nationally, Sudip is on the Executive Sub -committee of the Primary Care Respiratory Society and Academic Society of Primary Care Research. He is also the Vice-Chair of PC Therapeutics Committee of the European Respiratory Society. Apart from this Sudip reviews academic publications for several academic journals which include CANCER, THORAX and Br Journal of HealthCare Management.