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There are many ways in which Pulse 365 can help you to collect and record your CPD credits for appraisal and in preparation for revalidation:

  • Every e-learning module that you complete will automatically earn you CPD credits that will be stored in your personal CPD dashboard.
  • Our comprehensive range of more than 300 modules covering clinical, practice business and commissioning topics means you will always be able to find a module to suit your needs and fill your knowledge gap.
  • Your CPD dashboard will store evidence of your CPD credits tally, all your learning points, your module certificates and your double impact credit claims (together with any supporting evidence that you upload).
  • You can record any learning needs / PDP goals that you have set for yourself or agreed with your appraiser in your CPD dashboard and link individual learning modules to particular goals.
  • You can include links in your CPD dashboard to learning material that you’ve read on other sites and want to keep a record of.
  • Event attendance is recorded in your CPD dashboard, whether that is a LIVE in-person conference or a VIRTUAL event.
  • All On-Demand webinars you watch on Pulse 365 will also contribute to your CPD and will be logged in your dashboard.
  • Our Learning Needs Assessment test can help you to direct your learning to clinical areas where your knowledge is weaker.
  • You can export all the information in your CPD dashboard into a spreadsheet that you can save for your records or email to your appraiser. You can limit this information to only include learning activity between two specified dates e.g. since your last appraisal.

Pulse 365 is the new education platform for grassroots GPs, brought to you by the award-winning team behind PULSE magazine, Pulse LIVE, and PULSE Learning. Designed to give you easy access to the best CPD and professional educational content in a variety of formats, Pulse 365 lets you learn anytime, anywhere.

Choose from a mix of bite-sized, interactive and longer-form content spanning over 27 clinical areas, depending on your preferences and time. Relevant and constantly updated, content is presented in a variety of formats: CPD modules, virtual seminars, on-demand sessions, in-person events, handbooks, directories and articles; with tools to help you plan throughout the year: save favourites, track progress, add to calendar and more….

Pulse 365 will also allow you to connect and collaborate with fellow GPs, so you can share best practice to help improving patient care.

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The content on Pulse 365 is tailored to meet the learning needs of UK GPs. We aim to make all our content concise, up-to-date and relevant to everyday general practice. You can use PULSE 365 as a tool to stay on top of all the latest developments in clinical practice, business and finance and GP commissioning. Our modules, events and on-demand webinars are useful evidence-based refreshers for general use -; or you may want to link your learning to the PDP goals that you have agreed with your appraiser. Every time you take a Pulse 365 module, watch an on-demand webinar, or attend an in-person or virtual event, you will earn CPD credits in preparation for your annual appraisal.

You’ll need to register as a free member and log in to get access to:

  • Our Free CPD modules, On-Demand Webinars, Live and Virtual Events
  • Your personal Pulse 365 CPD Dashboard, which will automatically keep a record of all your completed CPD modules and certificates, complete with your name, learning points and credits claimed.

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As a free member, you can access a limited number of free modules, on-demand webinars, and our events. However, to get full access to all 300+ CPD modules, 120+ on-demand webinars, and priority access to event tickets, you will need to subscribe to a premium membership.

Our premium members get access to:

  • Over 300 e-learning modules across 27 clinical areas, as well as modules covering practice business and finance
  • Priority access to our Pulse LIVE and VIRTUAL events
  • A customer service team which will provide an induction of the website
  • New modules emailed to you every week
  • A personalised CPD dashboard

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A year’s full premium membership to Pulse 365 costs jut £99 (plus VAT). Don’t forget that this is a legitimate tax-deductible expense for GPs.

You can also pay £12 (plus VAT) a month for a minimum of 12 months.

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The content on Pulse 365 is tailored to meet the learning needs of UK GPs. But anyone can become a member, and all the content is based on current, evidence-based clinical guidance, both UK and international and will be relevant to any clinician working in primary health care.

You can access free eLearning Modules, On-Demand Webinars, Event tickets, and your CPD Dashboard as soon as you have registered as a member of Pulse 365.

You may want to think about taking the modules that are most relevant to the PDP objectives that you agreed with your appraiser at your most recent appraisal.

Alternatively, you can see the latest clinical modules displayed on the home page, or you can search for a particular module by topic or keyword. Or you may want to look at the modules in a particular clinical area by clicking on the relevant topic in the ‘CPD modules’ page.

Don’t forget, the rebrand to Pulse 365 now gives you even more content. On-Demand webinars are regularly updated and added to the site and Premium members can watch everything on offer on the platform.

The latest modules are displayed on the Pulse 365 home page with a ‘NEW’ corner flag to highlight them.

Your Pulse 365 CPD dashboard automatically records all your learning activity on the site and allows you to link it to the specific learning objectives you have set for yourself or that you agreed with your appraiser at your last appraisal.

Your Pulse 365 CPD dashboard automatically stores details of all your completed modules – together with date completed, learning points recorded, number of credits claimed and whether you have claimed double impact credits.

Your CPD dashboard also automatically stores:

  • all your certificates for modules that you have completed (in PDF format, so that you can print them or save them to your own computer).
  • any modules that you have started but not completed.
  • any modules that you have added to your log without starting because you want to do them at a later date – these can be found in the Saved content section.
  • the results of any learning needs assessment tests that you have completed.
  • a tally of the total number of hours of CPD activity you have completed on Pulse 365. You can also pick your own start and end dates (eg. the period since your last appraisal) and find out how many hours’ CPD you have completed on the site during that specified period.

You can also use your CPD dashboard to record details of any reading you have done on other websites that you want to include in your CPD record. Simply click on ‘Log CPD points’ in the ‘CPD Points gathered from external activities’ section of your dashboard.

You can claim double impact credits for any piece of learning if you can show that it has had an impact on your patients or your practice. To record your claim of impact credits, click the ‘Claim Impact Credits’ button alongside the relevant module or article listing in your Pulse Learning log. You can upload documents (eg. patient case studies, clinical audit report, prescribing review) to your Pulse Learning log. The ‘My learning needs/PDP goals’ tab of your Pulse Learning log allows you to link learning that you have done to a particular learning objective or PDP goal. If you click on this tab you can input a new learning need -; this might be an objective that you have set yourself to improve your knowledge in a particular area or it could be one of the PDP goals that you agreed with your appraiser at your last appraisal. To assign a particular module that you have completed as being relevant to that learning need, click ‘Assign to existing learning need’ alongside that module in the ‘My CPD activity’ tab.

You can export all the information included in your CPD dashboard into a spreadsheet or PDF, allowing you to easily save this for your records, or email it to your appraiser. To do this, scroll to the bottom of your CPD dashboard where you will see the export buttons.

Yes, in your Pulse 365 Dashboard you’ll find your CPD log where there is an option to include links to education articles read on PulseToday or any other site. Simply click on ‘Log CPD points’ in the ‘CPD Points gathered from external activities’ section of your dashboard.